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8 Must-Visit October Events in Germany

8 Must-Visit October Events in Germany

October in Germany is a month filled with vibrant celebrations and cultural events that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Oktoberfests, a cinephile, or simply looking to immerse yourself in German culture, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll highlight eight unmissable October events in Germany.

October events in Germany

 1. Oktoberfests in North Rhine-Westphalia (Throughout October):

 Category: Festivals
    • While Munich’s Oktoberfest might be the most famous, North Rhine-Westphalia offers its own exciting beer-drinking events throughout the month.
    • RÜ Oktoberfest in Essen/Mühlheim: A month-long extravaganza with illuminated tents, live music, and König Ludwig Hell beer.
    • Münster’s Oktoberfest: Known as one of the largest Oktoberfests north of Munich, it offers traditional games, vegan options, and live music.
    • Xanten’s Oktoberfest: Running from September 29th to October 15th, it offers unique themes each Sunday, making it a must-visit event.

 2. Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart (September 22nd – October 8th):

Category: Folk Festival
    • The Cannstatter Volksfest, or “Wasen,” is one of Germany’s largest folk festivals, taking place in Stuttgart’s Bad Cannstatt district.
    • Featuring 320 amusement rides and stalls, the festival kicks off with a grand parade showcasing regional traditions.

 3. FILMFEST HAMBURG (September 28th – October 7th):

Category: Film Festival
    • Hamburg hosts one of Germany’s premier film festivals, showcasing diverse national and international feature and documentary films.
    • Attendees can discuss films at the FILMFEST BAR/Kasematte20 every night during the festival.

 4. German Unity Day Celebrations, Hamburg (October 2nd to 3rd):

Category: National Celebration
    • Hamburg hosts this year’s official celebrations for the Day of German Unity under the theme “Opening Horizons.”
    • The festivities include presentations by Germany’s federal states, live music, artistic performances, and a dedicated children’s area.

 5. Festival of Lights Berlin (October 6th to 15th):

Category: Light Festival
    • Berlin’s landmarks transform into dazzling displays during the Festival of Lights.
    • Bebelplatz and Potsdamer Platz are notable highlights where visitors can enjoy tailored light art projections set to music.

 6. Zwiebelmarkt, Weimar (October 13th to 15th):

Category: Food and Cultural Festival
    • Weimar celebrates the humble onion with hundreds of stalls showcasing various onion products, craft stalls, and local food.
    • The festival offers a lively atmosphere with music, street artists, and the crowning of the Queen of the Onion Market.

 7. Bremen Freimarkt (October 13th to 29th):

Category: Folk Festival
    • Established in 1035, the Bremen Freimarkt is one of Germany’s oldest folk festivals, featuring amusement rides and traditional treats.
    • This historic market near the main train station provides a unique blend of tradition and fun.

 8. Frankfurt Book Fair (October 18th to 22nd):

Category: Literary Event
    • The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest trade fair for books, attracting authors, publishers, and literary enthusiasts.
    • This year’s fair marks its 75th edition and highlights Slovenia as the Guest of Honour, celebrating its literary heritage.

October in Germany offers a diverse range of cultural experiences, from the traditional Oktoberfests in North Rhine-Westphalia to the celebration of literature at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Make sure to explore these exciting events.

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