Bachelors in Germany – Step-by-step Guide

Getting a degree of Bachelors in Germany is exciting for international students. Germany has great universities and many options for courses. But, the process to apply can be a bit tricky. You have to pick the right course and deal with visas too. Each step is important. This guide helps you go through the process easily, so you can get ready for your master’s degree adventure in Germany.

Follow the Steps for Bachelors in Germany:

What is APS-Everything you need to know

Apply for APS

One of the initial steps in your journey towards a Bachelors in Germany is applying for an APS certificate.

Check Admission Requirements

Before diving into the application process, it's crucial to thoroughly review the admission criteria for your desired program.
Find Study programs in Germany

Research and Choose a Program

Research universities offering bachelors programs in your field and select the ones that match your interests and goals.
Language proficiency tests preferred in Germany

Language Proficiency

If the program is in German, demonstrate your German language proficiency through tests like TestDaF or DSH. For English programs, provide an English language proficiency test score.
Notarization of Documents for students to German universities

Prepare Required Documents

Gather necessary documents, including transcripts, diplomas, CV, letter of motivation, letters of recommendation, passport photos, passport photocopy, and language test scores.

Online Application

Apply directly through the universities' online application portals. Follow instructions closely and submit all required documents before the application deadline.
University Shortlisting

Await Admission Decision

After submitting your applications, the waiting game begins. Universities may take several weeks to a few months to evaluate applications and provide admission decisions. Be patient and keep an eye on your email for updates.
Scholarships in Germany: 10 things you need to know

Secure Funding

Explore scholarships, grants, and financial aid options. Consider part-time work opportunities to support your studies.
Health insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all students in Germany. You can opt for public or private health insurance, depending on your preferences and needs. Ensure you have adequate coverage before your departure.
How to open blocked account

Blocked Bank Account

Open a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto) to demonstrate sufficient funds. Research banks offering this service, provide required documents, transfer the required amount, and receive a confirmation for your visa application.
German student visa

Visa Application

Once you've received an acceptance letter, apply for a student visa at the nearest German embassy or consulate. Required documentation includes proof of admission, financial means, and health insurance.


Start searching for housing early. Universities may offer student housing, or you can explore private options.

Travel and Arrival

Arrange your travel to Germany. Upon arrival, register at the local residents' office, open a bank account, and settle in.
Pre-Departure Checklist for Germany Everything you need to know

Pre-Departure Checklist

Double-check your documents, review your financial preparations, and pack all essential items for a comfortable stay in Germany.

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