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Berlin to extend €29 ticket: Everything you need to know

Berlin to extend €29 ticket: Everything you need to know

The €29 public transportation ticket for Berlin is now available. At the commencement of the ticket sales on Monday, Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey declared, “A promise kept.” He added that a new 9-euro “social ticket” will be made accessible to lower-income Berliners beginning in January 2023, while the 29-euro ticket will remain valid through its initial expiration date of December 2022. Let us discuss the extended €29 ticket in Berlin in more detail.

Berlin to extend €29 ticket Everything you need to know
Berlin to extend €29 ticket Everything you need to know

A 29-Euro ticket for the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram, and Bus has been launched in Berlin. It replaces the 9 euro ticket, but it will cost 5-8 times as much. But it is considerably less expensive and accessible when compared to standard tickets. The 29-euro ticket is good for travel in Berlin from October 1 until December 31, 2022.

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What locations are tickets for €29 offered for?

    • Brandenburg has not utilized the 29-euro ticket program.
    • As zone C, ABC, or BC fall within Brandenburg, those traveling there cannot use this ticket. They would require a regular ticket in order to commute.
    • A 29-euro ticket may only be used in Zones A and B.
    • Until a local transportation ticket is established across the country, this limited-time deal is only valid in Berlin.
    • We may anticipate some modifications to tickets at the beginning of 2023.

What kinds of subscriptions are actually allowed?

    • A subscription to AB, ABC, or BC is now held by more than 920,000 people, according to information released by Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg. 850,000 of them presently subscribe to “Abo,” while 70,000 also have memberships to ABC and BC.
    • However, the ticket is only decided for Zones A and B as a result of the Brandenburg critics. Therefore, subscribers of Zone ABC and BC will be unable to take advantage.
    • The holders of social tickets, which cost 27.50 euros, will also receive nothing.
    • This is only available to subscribers for Zones A and B.
    • On the other side, you would also require a standard ticket in addition to a 29-Euro-Ticket if you wanted to go to zone C.

Anyone interested in purchasing a membership should visit the link.

Who may benefit from a 29-euro ticket to Berlin?

First off, unlike a 9-euro ticket, a 29-euro ticket cannot be purchased from a station. Additionally, only those with AB “Abo” memberships on a monthly basis will have access to it. Those who don’t have can purchase the benefit and use it for three months, coupled with a unique termination right.
According to BVG, those who subscribe to the following publications are eligible for the benefit:

    • 10 a.m. tickets with monthly or yearly debits
    • VBB-Umweltkarte with monthly or yearly debits
    • VBB-Firmentickets with monthly or yearly debits
    • Monthly debit subscriptions for trainees

While monthly memberships will automatically be reduced in price, yearly subscription holders should anticipate refunds.

Rules for €29 ticket

    • The federal government has not yet made a decision about the ticket holders’ ability to bring a bike or pet. As well as whether or not students with semester tickets will qualify for the discount.
    • The criteria for regular subscriptions will apply if it follows the same rule as a 9-euro ticket, as it should.
    • According to standard BVG policies, travelers are therefore permitted to carry one pet for free. Additionally, during weekends and evenings, travelers may bring one adult and up to three children.
    • If bringing a bike is included in the regular subscription, passengers may do so.

The €29 ticket for October must be paid for by the end of this year for those who choose to acquire it. That implies that it cannot be canceled at any time. I’m hoping that by sharing this, people will have more information to consider before purchasing a €29 ticket to Berlin.

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