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Everything that changes in December 2023 in Germany

Everything that changes in December 2023 in Germany

As December unfolds in Germany, various significant changes are set to shape the month. From utility bills and train timetables to holiday schedules and price adjustments, here’s a detailed overview of what to expect. Here is, Everything that changes in December 2023 in Germany.

 1. Utility Bills for Tenants:

    • Tenants across Germany are anticipating utility bills for 2022.
    • Due to increased energy prices in 2022, some might find unexpected adjustments.
    • Landlords can’t demand extra payments for bills received after December 31, 2023.
    • Recommendations to check bills closely and consult tenants’ support groups if questions arise.

 2. Deutsche Bahn’s Winter Timetable:

    • New long-distance train timetable from December 10th.
    • More services between Berlin and Munich, Hamburg and Magdeburg.
    • Increased trains on various routes, additional stops, and new international connections.
    • Potential strikes due to disputes between Deutsche Bahn and the train drivers’ union GDL.

 3. Christmas Post Deadlines:

    • Important deadlines for sending letters (December 21st) and packages (December 20th).
    • Deutsche Post branches’ holiday schedule, open on December 23rd and 30th, closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

 4. Holiday Schedule and Closures:

    • December 25th and 26th are nationwide public holidays.
    • Early closures on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
    • Reminder to stock up before supermarkets become chaotic on December 23rd.

 5. Schools and Kitas Break:

    • Varying holiday start dates for schools across German states.
    • Festive break for children, teachers, and support staff.

 6. Silvester Fireworks Chaos:

    • December 31st marks Silvester in Germany with widespread fireworks traditions.
    • Precautions advised due to past incidents, especially for pet owners.

 7. Minimum Wage Increase in the Care Sector:

    • Care professionals to receive increased minimum wage from December.
    • Rates per hour based on qualifications, offering better compensation.

 8. New Wine Label Information:

    • Starting December 8th, additional information on wine bottles.
    • Nutritional values and ingredients must be stated on packaging.

 9. End of Electricity and Gas Price Brakes:

    • Germany’s electricity and gas price caps ending in December.
    • Consumers likely to see energy bills rise after the expiration.

10. CO2 Surcharge on Truck Toll:

    • From December 1st, a CO2 surcharge added to the truck toll.
    • Initial implementation for lorries weighing 7.5 tonnes or more, expanding in July 2024.

11. Google’s Inactive Account Deletion:

    • Google initiating the deletion of inactive accounts from December 1st.
    • Inactivity defined as no usage or registration for two years, aimed at enhancing security.

As Germany navigates these changes in December 2023, staying informed and prepared becomes crucial. Whether it’s financial adjustments, travel plans, or festive celebrations, being aware of these shifts ensures a smoother transition into the new year.

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