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Germany Legalises Cannabis

Germany is making this change to make things safer and more in control

Germany Legalises Cannabis

Cannabis, the plant that some adults enjoy (kind of like how others enjoy drinking coffee or tea) is getting extra attention these days. Because Germany is about to legalises cannabis by change the old rules about it. And it’s worth learning about.

What’s New about Cannabis in Germany?

Germany Legalises Cannabis
Starting April 1st Germany will Legalises Cannabis

Starting April 1, if you’re 18 or older in Germany (yes, April Fool’s Day, we get it), you can have a little bit of cannabis. That means you can carry a few cannabis cigarettes. (The kind that lots of people smoke are called “joints.”) And you can have more at home. But… there are rules. You can’t use it everywhere or all the time. For example, you can’t use it near schools or where people play sports.

Why Change the Rules?

Germany is making this change to make things safer and more in control. It used to be that, if you wanted cannabis, you had to take a big risk and hope that what you were buying was really purely cannabis. Also, the people who sold it, and weren’t supposed to by the old rules, could make lots of money that way.

This match of the rules for a place is called a gray area. The government, which is the group that decides on the rules for a place, decided it doesn’t want to have this grey area anymore. They think that making sure that people who sell the plant follow certain rules. And thinking about how to let people use it in a safer way means it will be safer for everyone.

How Will Legalises Cannabis Things Work?

Rest easy, because buying cannabis in Germany won’t be like buying candy. In other words, instead of seeing a shop in every neighborhood, you’ll see special clubs. In them, grown-ups can get an order of cannabis. They can’t use their order right there in the clubs though.

Also, there can only be a set number of people in each club. You need to live in Germany if you want to be a member. Another important rule is that people can try getting a green thumb and grow a bit of cannabis at home, but only a few plants.

Some people think that legalise cannabis like this is smart move. Others don’t agree at all. Some are worried that because more people can use it, especially young people, that lots more of them will. It doesn’t look like it’s healthy for people that age as they grow, and have fun and learn. Others are worried that this rule can’t really stop the bad old rule, that people couldn’t sell the plant and have a good life in that gray area anymore.

What Goverment Thinks After Legalises Cannabis?

The government will watch how the legalises cannabis law in Germany works. They may get differently if they find things that don’t work the best. What is the best way to not have drugs be dangerous to anyone, and not let the bad people make money? It’s a bit like a puzzle or a big team game, and not everyone agrees on how to win.

In simple terms, Germany’s legalises cannabis law aims to let people use cannabis safely and under control, stop bad people from making money illegally, and keep everyone, especially young people, healthy and well-informed.

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