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Strike Alert: German Train Services to Face 35-Hour Shutdown



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Strike Alert: German Train Services to Face 35-Hour Shutdown

The union accuses national rail operator Deutsche Bahn of breaking off negotiations. And said it would “dust off its strike plans and prepare for a new wave of strikes” if its conditions were not met. German train drivers said they would walk out for 35 hours from Thursday in an ongoing dispute with the national rail operator over pay and hours.

German Train Services Shutdown:

  • Claus Weselsky, head of the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL), blamed board members of the national rail operator Deutsche Bahn for the collapse, laying the fault at their feet for not negotiating with a solution-seeking approach.
  • “What has happened is that GDL has already made far-reaching concessions in this collective bargaining.” GDL head Claus Weselsky told a news conference in Berlin. “What is happening is that the board of Deutsche Bahn is sitting there with no movement at all. Pushing the GDL members to stage further strikes.
  • “The walkout of passenger train drivers will start at 2 a.m. local time on Thursday (0100GMT) and last for 35 hours,” Weselsky said.
  • “Our first strike would be of 35 hours. “He referred to the request for hours to be reduced, stating that if everybody in Germany had understood, Deutsche Bahn would have had 35 hours.”
  • They now threaten 48 hours of strike action. Weselsky stated that if their demands are not met again this time, they are prepared for a “wave of strikes.”
  • The GDL union and Deutsche Bahn have been negotiating for months to reach an agreement on a new collective agreement. Employees may earn up to a 13 percent higher wage through this initiative, and we could implement an option model to reduce the working hours from 38 to 37 per week.
  • That represents about 10,000 employees. To whom the union is negotiating for reduced working hours from 38 to 35. Without affecting the waging time for the shift workers.

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