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Landscape Gardener Ausbildung in Germany: Everything You Need to Know

Landscape Gardener Ausbildung in Germany: Everything You Need to Know

In Germany, the profession of a landscape gardener is known as “Gärtner/in – Garten- und Landschaftsbau” or “Landschaftsgärtner/in.” To become a landscape gardener in Germany, you typically need to complete an apprenticeship program called “Ausbildung.” Here is some information about the landscape gardener apprenticeship in Germany.


Comprehend Landscape Gardener Ausbildung in Germany

  1) What is landscape gardening?

As a landscape gardener, you engage in the artistic design and planning of gardens, parks, sports facilities, and various urban public spaces. You skillfully orchestrate the arrangement of plants and foliage, meticulously tending to green areas, while also ensuring the upkeep of serene ponds, constructing sturdy walls, and skillfully laying out pathways.

  2) Requirement to admit in this Ausbildung program

    • Proficiency in the natural sciences Passion for the natural world –
    • Adeptness in technical concepts
    • Deep environmental consciousness
    • Exceptional craftsmanship and imaginative abilities
    • tenacity and caution Keen interest in hands-on tasks –
    • enthusiasm for working in outdoor environments

What type of Job task a Landscape Gardener do?

    • Draw a plan for each garden project
    • Organize all the necessary materials, including large shovels and various plants
    • Dig up bushes from the construction site and transplant them
    • Check the soil for nutrient content and fertilize if needed
    • Plant the soil and find suitable spots for each plant
    • Create colorful gardens with flower beds and shrubs to transform monotonous green areas
    • Build terraces and stone stairs in private gardens
    • Extend work to include public streets and squares

What would they learn in training time period?

   First year Apprenticeship

      • Understand the soil structure
      • Identify different soil types
      • Explore the use of plants in landscaping
      • Familiarize yourself with all departments of the nursery
      • Monitor fertilizer stock in the warehouse
      • Create plans for new garden projects

   Second Year Apprenticeship?

      • Determine the appropriate amount of fertilizer based on the specific plant’s needs and recommended guidelines.
      • Handle scissors safely by holding them with a firm grip, keeping the blades away from your body, and using them for cutting plant materials only.
      • Protecting the environment is crucial, so consider using organic fertilizers, reducing chemical pesticide usage, conserving water, and promoting biodiversity.
      • Assist in planting bushes and trees by preparing the soil, digging appropriate holes, and ensuring proper spacing.
      • Trim hedges on the construction site using appropriate pruning techniques and tools.
      • Dig up the earth to prepare for planting or construction projects, and lay water pipes for irrigation or plumbing purposes.

   Third Year Apprenticeship

      • What steps should be taken to ready the construction site?
      • What are the steps to construct a garden terrace?
      • Which varieties of stones are suitable for garden projects?
      • What are the steps to create flower beds?
      • How can teamwork be utilized in building garden terraces?
      • What techniques are involved in the paving of paths and town squares?

Companies which provide this program

    • Bochum
    • Vivawest Wohnen GMBH
    • EULAND
    • KIEL

There are more companies which provide this apprenticeship program

Average Salary

    • 1 year: €960
    • 2 years: €1,060
    • 3rd year: €1,170


Training period maximum last for 3 year 

The landscape gardener apprenticeship program in Germany, known as “Ausbildung,” provides comprehensive training in various aspects of landscape gardening, including plant care, design, construction, and environmental awareness. Apprentices learn skills such as planning, organizing materials, transplanting, fertilizing, and creating visually appealing gardens.

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