Peaceful vs Violent Protests: German Climate Activist Groups Argue

Peaceful vs Violent Protests: German Climate Activist Groups Argue

Fridays for Future, a leading climate activist group in Germany, has criticized a new group of protesters called Letzte Generation (Last Generation) for their tactics in advocating for climate action.

According to Fridays for Future, Letzte Generation protesters have disrupted traffic, used graffiti, and vandalized buildings during their demonstrations, which has led to negative publicity and detracted from the climate movement’s message.

This is followed by the latter’s protest during Easter time when Hamburg and especially the Elbe tunnel were blocked.

In order to combat climate change, Letzte Generation is calling for a 100 km/h speed restriction on German autobahns and a monthly public transportation pass that costs €9 across the country.

FFF’s Stance

Fridays for Future has stated that it does not condone the use of violence or vandalism in protests and emphasized that the climate movement must remain peaceful in order to be effective.

According to FFF, the strategy notably hurt low-income individuals who are unable to afford to reside in downtown Hamburg and who have few options for transportation there due to the lack of growth of the public transportation system. 

In Berlin, where Letzte Generation intends to “bring Berlin to a standstill” in May, it worries about a similar backlash.

Letzte Generation’s Stance

In response to the criticism, Letzte Generation has argued that their actions are necessary in order to draw attention to the urgency of the climate crisis.

They further said that peaceful protests have not been effective in bringing about change.

Government’s Response

The German government has also condemned the actions of the Letzte Generation and stated that violence and vandalism will not be tolerated in the pursuit of climate action.

The conflict between climate activist groups, Fridays for Future and the Letzte Generation, highlights the challenges of advocating for climate action and the importance of protests in achieving meaningful change. 

While both groups share the goal of addressing the climate crisis, they differ in their approaches and tactics, raising questions about the most effective way to achieve climate action.

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