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Scholarships for Foreign Learners in Germany 2023

Scholarships for Foreign Learners in Germany 2023

Explore these Scholarships for Foreign Learners comprehensive guide and discover how you can study in Germany for free. From well-known options like the DAAD scholarship to other opportunities like the Deutschland Stipendium, this overview provides essential information on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and key features. Find out how you can secure funding for your studies in one of Europe’s most affordable study destinations and propel your career to new heights.Scholarships for Foreign Learners in Germany 2023

Prestigious Scholarships for Foreign Learners in Germany

Scholarships available for international students can be funded by the government, private organizations, or universities. Each scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria that you must fulfill. Good academic performance and proficiency in the German language are the most common requirements.

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1) Programs for DAAD Scholarships

As the largest funding organization supporting German and international students, DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, provides a diverse range of scholarships in Germany, facilitating world-class education for students from developing countries and beyond.

    a) Key Elements

Scholarship recipients receive monthly payments, with 861 Euros for graduates and 1200 Euros for doctoral students. The scholarship duration varies based on the study program, typically starting on October 1st, with additional benefits such as a travel allowance, insurance coverage, and research allowances. Some scholarships also offer family benefits and funds for language courses.

    b) Eligibility necessities

DAAD scholarships target graduates and doctoral students pursuing full-time courses in Germany, with specific language requirements. Eligibility includes completion of a Bachelor’s degree within the last six years or ongoing studies with completion before funding begins. Minimum language requirements include a band score of 6 in IELTS or 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), and 80 (internet-based) in TOEFL, with the possibility of a medium of instruction certificate as an alternative.

    c) How to Apply it?

To apply for a scholarship, register on the DAAD portal at funding-guide Select your desired program, then follow the guidelines under the Call for Applications section to submit your application online.

2) German National Scholarship Program (Deutschland Stipendium)

The German Grant, also known as Deutsch land Stipendium, is a prestigious scholarship in Germany that assists high-achieving students worldwide. This public-private collaboration distributes the grant equally to participating universities, benefiting eligible students’ education.

    a) Key Elements

The Germany Scholarship is granted to eligible students regardless of their nationality and income. Sponsored by private organizations and individual contributors, 150 Euros per month is donated, and an additional 150 Euros from the Federal government, resulting in a total monthly payment of 300 Euros to chosen students. The scholarship typically covers two semesters and can be extended by the university for the entire duration of the study, offering additional benefits such as mentoring programs, internships, and networking events.

    b) Eligibility necessities

Participating universities grant scholarships, so meeting their specific criteria is essential for qualification. Following the initial two-semester period, the university assesses ongoing eligibility to ensure continued private funding, excluding doctoral candidates and federal university students.

    c) How to Apply it?

To apply for the scholarship, you must contact the relevant authorities at your chosen university, as each institution handles the application process independently. The provided infographic map in the link displays all German universities participating in the Deutsch land Stipendium National Scholarship Program.

3) German Erasmus+ Scholarships

Erasmus+ is a well-funded EU grant initiative with a 26.2 billion Euro budget for 2021-2027. It offers a great opportunity for international students seeking full-time study in two different countries through Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships. EMJMDs can be pursued by checking the EMJMD catalogue for participating German universities, making Erasmus+ scholarships highly sought-after among international students in Germany.

    a) Key Elements

Erasmus Scholarships encompass travel, living expenses, and study costs during the one-year student exchange in Germany. Numerous prominent European universities partake in the Erasmus program.

    b) Eligibility necessities

Erasmus scholarships are open to Master’s course applicants who have completed their Bachelor’s degree. Or will do so before the Master’s program begins. To be eligible, your program must involve two study periods in different countries, both of which have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

    c) How to Apply it?

To begin the application process, first, create an EU login account and acquire an Organisation ID through the Organisation Registration System. Then, submit the filled application form, which will undergo evaluation by the National Agencies, with results communicated afterward. For a detailed step-by-step guide, visit the provided link, and for a comprehensive list of EMJMD scholarships, refer to the EMJMD catalogue.

4) Scholarship for Porsche IT Campus at RWTH Aachen

Porsche and RWTH Aachen University have jointly launched a scholarship program for Computer Science students as part of the RWTH Education Fund initiative.

    a) Key Elements

The scholarship offers a monthly stipend of 356 Euros for one year, with the possibility of reapplying after the initial period. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for internships and placements, fostering connections with Porsche.

    b) Eligibility necessities

The program is restricted to students enrolled in specific disciplines at RWTH Aachen University, including a Master’s in Data Science, Media Informatics, or Software Systems Engineering, as well as Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science.

    c) How to Apply it?

During the application period, you can complete an online application form, and the university will provide assistance throughout the application process.

In conclusion, Germany offers a wide range of prestigious scholarships for foreign learners. Providing excellent opportunities to study in this affordable European destination. From the well-known DAAD scholarships to the Deutschland Stipendium and Erasmus+ programs, each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria and benefits. Additionally, the Porsche IT Campus scholarship at RWTH Aachen University offers unique opportunities for Computer Science students. As you explore these scholarship options. Make sure to check the application procedures and fulfill the necessary requirements to secure funding for your academic journey in Germany.

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