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What You Need to Know About Euro 2024 Ticket Phases in Germany

What You Need to Know About Euro 2024 Ticket Phases in Germany

From December 4th, football enthusiasts can dive into the next phase of ticket applications for the 2024 UEFA European Championships in Germany. The tournament, set to kick off on June 14th in Munich and conclude with the final in Berlin on July 14th, promises an exciting array of matches across various German locations. Here is everything you need to know about Euro 2024 Ticket Phases in Germany.

Ticket Application Details

The ticket application process follows a meticulous system to ensure fair distribution. Fans have already had one opportunity to enter the ticket draw, with the second phase opening on December 4th. This time, the focus is on supporters of qualified teams, and the allocation will align with the outcomes of the final tournament draw on December 2nd in Hamburg.

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Germany’s Ticket Options

For German fans, there are three avenues to secure tickets. The National Team Fan Club, boasting around 55,000 members, receives the lion’s share. Alternatively, independent fan clubs registered with the German Football Association (DFB) also secure a fixed number. Individual registrations, involving a €5 fee, offer another route, but tickets for Germany’s knockout stage games will only be available post-group phase.

Ticket Costs and Categories

While ticket costs vary, ranging from €30 to €1,000, there are options for different budgets. The group draw on December 2nd will determine when and where teams, including Spain, France, and England, will play. Deals are available, but fans should be prepared for the expenditure.

Key Ticket Information:

    • Each person can order up to four tickets per game.
    • Tickets cannot be returned, so applicants are advised to apply only for matches they genuinely plan to attend.
    • UEFA allows ticket resale through official channels, although guarantees cannot be provided.
    • Conditional transferability allows passing tickets to friends or family in case of inability to attend due to health reasons, provided details of the new ticket holder are submitted.

First Round Recap

The initial ticket phase, which concluded on October 26th, witnessed immense interest, with around 20 million applicants vying for 1.2 million tickets. The lottery system determined successful and unsuccessful applicants, and now, after the December allocation, some tickets will be reserved for supporters of national teams qualifying through play-offs in March 2024.

As the Euro 2024 excitement builds, securing tickets becomes a crucial step for fans. With the second phase underway, ensuring a smooth application process and understanding the intricacies of ticket distribution adds to the thrill of the upcoming championship. Stay tuned for more updates as the football fever intensifies in Germany!

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